AZ Delta: a sustainable site, together with Vanheede

Total Waste Care , Rumbeke

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Efficient waste management should never be taken for granted, particularly at a site where dozens of contractors are working at the same time. This was the case at the site on AZ Delta’s new main campus in Rumbeke, and the hospital went in search of a partner who could help address the situation. Vanheede was all too happy to take on the project.

Our Projects, Support and Interventions (PSI) team applies itself to the specific challenges of each particular site, working with the customer to develop a tailor-made concept to streamline waste management. Such a plan entails specific collection receptacles, clear signage, the enlistment of our own personnel and training for everyone involved, plus thorough reporting and steering when necessary. Waste management for AZ Delta is an example of exactly this type of custom project. Together with the architect and project coordinator from VK Studio and our client, AZ Delta, we developed a unique concept in the form of a pop-up bin park, which was a pilot project for each of us.

Innovative and sustainable: a pop-up bin park

“Sites are often such a mess. Contractors and sub-contractors are usually expected to take care of their own waste, but this can quickly result in a site full of bins. Or they simply leave it where it falls – and the problem with that is that a little pile of waste grows bigger and bigger. We three partners have made a firm decision to ensure that this site remains tidy, with all waste sorted at the source and then processed in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible,” says Kurt Meijhui, Sales Supervisor PSI.

"Good coordination and efficient logistical flows are essential in order to ensure that a site remains dynamic and safe. Waste management is a major element in this. If responsibility for waste management is spread over multiple entities, things can quickly become chaotic. Keeping the processes central and assigning responsibility to a single manager brings structure and simplifies communication."

Sustainability is a priority for Vanheede. Our aim is to sort and recycle waste as efficiently as possible. This means starting at the source and with the right sorting procedure. In consultation with the site manager, we conducted a thorough investigation to identify the various waste arriving at the site in particular construction phases. Based on this information we chose appropriate bins and grouped them at strategic locations to form waste islands. In its entirety, the process consists of a bring-and-remove cycle. Contractors bring their waste to one of the nine waste islands and deposit it in the appropriate bin. The waste islands are situated alongside the lifts at the site to provide the best access.

            Innovative and sustainable: a pop-up bin park

A Vanheede consultant is present at the site every afternoon – our man-on-site (MOS). He ensures that bins are collected from the bin islands as soon as they are full, and emptied into larger dumpsters at the central bin park. Once those are full, they are taken to our own processing plants or to an external processing plant. To dispose of larger items and specific types of waste streams, contractors can also bring them to the central bin park. The MOS and Vanheede’s Waste Coordinator are responsible for providing information to the contractors and reporting. This means than whenever a new contractor starts using the site, it is up to us to provide them with appropriate training.

Signage is key

To ensure that waste is sorted correctly, signage is key. For this reason, every container has a sign in Dutch, French and English which indicates the type of waste it contains. The use of a particular colour, a universal pictogram and a photo can also be particularly helpful in signage. These four elements serve as sorting guidelines and help us collect waste correctly. And given the number of different nationalities bringing waste to the site, this is enormously useful.

            Signage is key

Support from A to Z

The bin park was taken into service in March 2017. Given the fact that it has required a bit of extra effort from everyone, it wasn’t particularly easy to get people on board. But thanks to our vigilant follow-up procedures, we have made enormous progress in recent months. Whenever we notice that waste has been dumped improperly, we take action and report back to AZ Delta. Every week, the pilot contractor and Vanheede conduct a site inspection together with the site manager. This quickly brings improper dumping and incorrect sorting to light. After an evaluation we can take prompt action in order to ensure good coordination between the various parties at the site, which is unique. The hospital no longer needs to concern itself with the complex processes of waste collection and can focus on its core business.

We are not only supporting AZ Delta during the construction phase, but also concern ourselves with best practices with regard to waste recycling, constantly seeking out the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective ways to process waste. After all, our philosophy is based on the concept of a circular economy, which means that our goal is always to transform waste into new raw materials or energy. We provide AZ Delta with support for the entire cycle of this process.

What can the PSI team do for you?

  • Total Waste Care for Enterprises: Waste audit, on-site waste management for customers, uniform receptacles, clear signage, MOS, bin park, reporting and follow-up
  • Total Waste Care for Events: Logistical support, waste islands, clear signage, follow-up and support
  • Custom projects: Collection projects and sites, support for on-site activities, mobile and flexible support by MOS, reporting and follow-up
  • Intervention: Predicted and unexpected events such as clean-up, removal, remediation, demolition, bankruptcy, 24/7 stand-by, v-fast team, all-in pricing, analysis, on-the-spot sorting, reconditioning, specialisation, risk management, clean site, rapid solution
  • Secured destruction: Destruction of data carriers, food and non-alcoholic beverages, counterfeit goods, taxable and consumer goods
  • Consultancy: Analysis, audits, training, project follow-up, maximum optimalisation of waste management, prevention, best available technology (BAT) advice, circular economy