Rent a container for your home? Choose the right container for your waste here.

We hire out a wide range of customised waste containers. Select which container you wish to hire from the table below. Also read the Conditions and Supplements below the table.

Open top container 10m³ - C10 Open top container 20m³ - C20 Open top container 30m³ - C30
Waste streams Open top container 10m³ Open top container 20m³ Open top container 30m³
Pure stone rubble    - -
Stone rubble and soil    - -
Construction and demolition waste (inert) industry   - -
Construction and demolition waste (inert and not inert)    - -
Mixed industrial waste   
Pruning wood and green waste Ø < 12 cm   
Non contaminated soil    - -
Treated wood (B)   
Asbestos-containing building materials cement-bound (bonded)    - -

Conditions and supplements!

  • These rates are forfetched prices and include a one-off placement fee, transport and handling.
  • From the 1st calendar day onwards, € 3.00 rental per day is charged for containers up to and including 30 m².
  • Containers are not filled beyond the rim.
  • The customer provides the necessary local permit(s).

Useful information:

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