Bins for Lamps


Lamps containing mercury such as energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes are collected via Recupel. We are a Recupel-certified collector. These products are processed at certified sites.

What happens with Lamps

"With the aim of recovering as much material as possible, fluorescent tubes are treated in an environmentally-friendly way in an ""end-cut/air-push"" machine. The fluorescent powder containing mercury is blown out of the tubes using compressed air (air-push) and collected in closed, steel drums. Once purified, the empty tubes are crushed and the glass debris is then stocked in soft ""big bag"" style containers. A metal detector separates the metal particles present in the glass debris. The glass is ground finely and reused to make new fluorescent tubes or for another useful application."

Acceptance conditions

Choose a type of waste to see what is or is not allowed.

More information on suitable bins for Lamps