Professional wheelie bin rental service

Wheelie bins are ideally suited to small and medium amounts of waste. Their wheels mean they can be moved easily. Vanheede Environment Group rents out several types and various models of wheelie bins for each type of waste. Choose the wheelie bin that meets your needs and we will come and empty it at set, regular times. It couldn't be easier!

Regular emptying times

The wheelie bins are emptied at regular times. We collect the contents on a set working day of your choosing. You also set the frequency: weekly, twice-weekly or monthly etc. When deciding, think about the type of waste that you generate. For example, it is better to opt for a smaller bin and more frequent emptying for food waste; for paper and cardboard you can easily choose a larger bin and have it emptied less frequently. If you are unsure we would be delighted to help you find the best solution for you.

Easy waste management

We guarantee you, and your clients and collaborators, the best possible management of your waste. Vanheede Environment Group has designed the BinPod to eliminate any possible unpleasant smells in and around your wheelie bin. This capsule of gel neutralises bad odours with its pleasant, lemon scent. It also means your bin will attract fewer flies. One BinPod gives six months of freshness.

Your calendar on myVanheede

Have you forgotten when to put out your wheelie bin? Log on to myVanheede. You can quickly and easily consult your calendar and check your collection days.