Semi-underground containers: hygienic and aesthetic

Semi-underground containers are clearly enjoying a boom. It makes sense because they offer numerous advantages. Hygienic, environmentally-friendly and economical, they take up a lot less space in your business and offer an attractive alternative to classic bins and dumpsters.

Greater storage capacity

Semi-underground containers are easy to install, can take up to 5 m3 of waste and take up barely 2 m2 of floor space. Three-quarters of the container is underground so one semi-underground container requires roughly the same space as a standard, 1,100 litre wheelie bin. So you save a lot of space and get much more use out of it than with a surface solution.

            Greater storage capacity

The ground as a natural cooling installation

The underground waste bin system makes the most of stable underground temperatures. These are lower than surface temperatures in the summer which slows down the decomposition process and prevents smells. In winter, however, the temperature is higher underground than above ground. This means waste does not freeze so emptying the container is still easy.

The heaviness makes your waste more compact

The underground container comprises a waterproof, tall vertical column containing a lifting bag, or a disposable bag. Waste is introduced from above and its weight means it automatically compacts down, without requiring any energy. So an underground container can hold more waste than other solutions.

What are the advantages of underground containers compared to wheelie bins?

Less space, less transport, lower costs
You need significantly less space to store your waste: the biggest semi-underground container is around six times smaller than a standard, 1,100-litre wheelie bin. By opting for a semi-underground container, you make collection much more efficient and reduce transport costs.

Attractive and easy
The low waste opening makes this kind of bin easy to use for everyone. Semi-underground waste containers are more attractive than surface wheelie bins; they rise to a maximum of 1.1 metres above the ground and their modern design in wood or aluminium blends in with their environment perfectly. The bins can be customised if necessary. Naturally we are scrupulous in ensuring they meet all safety requirements.

Limited odours
Semi-underground containers have special lids and the ground keeps the waste cool. This considerably reduces odours.

Not much space?

No problem! There is already a 300 litre version with a diameter of barely 60 cm.

Emptying and cleaning your underground container

We come and empty your semi-underground container at regular, set intervals or on request. Every year, we organise a cleaning round so that your semi-underground container is cleaned thoroughly. We also offer this service to companies that already have semi-underground containers. Contact us straight away to find out what the possibilities are.

Bespoke offers

A semi-underground container is an investment. We would be delighted to advise you in choosing the right container and can offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of size, finishings, waste streams and other options. Feel free to ask for more explanations or provide us with the necessary information so we can come up with a commitment-free proposition that suits your situation.