Website users' charter

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Users' Charter – Privacy policy
Article 1. Aim
This users' charter contains application conditions and clauses regarding the use of information and the services offered by Vanheede Environment Group. The user (whether a visitor or an advertiser) of the website and the services offered on it are deemed to have accepted the clauses included in this users' charter.

Vanheede Environment Group reserves the right to alter the users' charter at any time. The amended version of the users' charter will be published on the Vanheede Environment Group website and will come into force automatically 30 days after its first publication on the website. 

Article 2. Liability
Vanheede Environment Group may not be held liable for any inaccuracies or deficiencies in the information on the website. This is valid both for information posted by Vanheede Environment Group on the website and for information provided by users (visitors and advertisers).

Incorrect information or deficiencies on the Vanheede Environment Group website may not be used as the basis for any claims for financial compensation. Vanheede Environment Group may not be held liable by users or third parties for any direct, indirect, incidental or other damages or for any loss of earnings of any kind arising from negligence or oversight on its part in the collection, compilation, arrangement, editing or interpretation of information.

This applies in particular to any potential loss of personalised user profiles due to technical problems or to damage caused to files by third parties (hacking).

Vanheede Environment Group expressly offers this website "as is". The most advanced techniques have been used in the creation of this website. Vanheede Environment Group may not be held liable in any way for the (temporary) interruption or for any possible system malfunction.

Vanheede Environment Group is not responsible for links to websites operated by third parties. Vanheede Environment Group has no control over the above-mentioned websites and declines all responsibility concerning their content. The incorporation of links to these websites does not indicate that Vanheede Environment Group approves of the components of said websites and does not necessarily imply a collaboration between Vanheede Environment Group and the owners of the websites.

Information on the website is changed periodically. Vanheede Environment Group reserves the right to improve and/or change the website at any time. 

Article 3. Intellectual property and copyright 
The user expressly recognises that the data provided on the website (texts, components and graphic content etc.) is, and remains, the property of Vanheede Environment Group. No components of the website may be used for reproduction, adaptation, propagation or publication or for commercial ends without the prior written consent of Vanheede Environment Group. It is also forbidden to electronically record this data or to use it for illegal ends. The recording of information featured on the Vanheede Environment Group website in a database is not authorised except for automatic saving in the browser's cache.

Article 4. Respect and privacy protection
Vanheede Environment Group collects personal information necessary to ensure the website's optimum performance. This data will not be used by Vanheede Environment Group for marketing-type messages or activity. Vanheede Environment Group also undertakes not to pass this data on to third parties without the explicit permission of those concerned.

Vanheede Environment Group also collects data in log files. This data is used for in-house purposes such as profile and traffic analysis with a view to improving the website's offer of services.

Vanheede Environment Group uses "cookies" (small fragments of data logged on the user's hard drive to facilitate use of the website and to personalise its structure). Changes to the clause relating to privacy may occur at any moment but will be communicated to users via the website.

In accordance with the law dated December 8, 1992 relating to privacy protection, all data provided by the website user will be made available to the user on request and, should the user so wish, may be corrected free of charge within a reasonable period. Vanheede Environment Group is responsible for the treatment, recording and management of personal data. Only personal e-mail addresses supplied by visitors are recorded. Data will be removed from the data base upon receipt of an e-mail requesting its removal. The user may consult personal data relating to them free of charge on request. Visitors may also request that their personal data is not used for direct marketing purposes. 

Article 5. Proof and applicable law
Belgian law is applicable. All parties accept that all electronic communication between them carries the same weight as written communication. In the event of litigation or a dispute, only the courts of Brussels will have jurisdiction.

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