Vanheede signs contract with Fost Plus for post-sorting 35,000 tonnes of PMD residue


Waste processor Vanheede Environment Group has obtained a new contract for the processing of PMD waste. Starting...

A new wind turbine at Quévy


Our Renewable Energies Business Unit recently took delivery of a second wind turbine close to our Quévy...

How we address the climate challenge


As Vanheede, we strive for responsible value creation. Sometimes, increasing value is about removing that which is...

Our new sorting line boosts circularity


A new building has gone up at our Rumbeke site to house an automated sorting line (a Material Recovery Facility)...

A new pilot plant for treating plastic waste


This autumn, we will be opening a brand new factory at our Dottignies site.

Colruyt Group and Vanheede come full circle!


For several years now, Colruyt Group, a family firm, has been investing in agricultural land with the main goal...