Alternative fuels for the cement and lime industries

Vanheede Alternative Fuels offers the ultimate sustainable solution for residual fractions with high calorific value. We manage to convert your residual fractions into environmentally-friendly fuel for major fossil fuel consumers such as the cement and lime industries. Reducing the environmental impact as much as possible together!

High calorific value waste

Basically, this means non-recyclable materials:

  • Textile waste such as carpet residue, both post-industrial and post-consumer (production off-cuts, flooring used at trade fairs and fitted carpets etc.), haberdashers waste, mowing waste, old clothes, mattresses (both production off-cuts and used mattresses) and upholstery fabric.
  • Plastic waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Residue from rubber products production
  • Residue from automobile industry production
  • Residue from sorting and treating
  • Material sent for destruction

Secondary fuel

The production of alternative fuel is a bespoke business, varying according to the following specific characteristics:

  • physical characteristics: the size and weight of beads etc.
  • chemical characteristics: ash residue and calorific value etc.

Among others, we offer the following standard products:

  • AlterCoal® Soft
  • AlterCoal® Fluff
  • AlterCoal® Hard

As well as production, delivery can also be carried out on a bespoke basis: on request or just in time, via dumpsters, trailer-trucks or a walking floor.

Bespoke, quality fuel!

Feel free to contact us for a technical sheet about our secondary fuels.