Waste solutions for the public sector

Local authorities are duty bound to collect waste from inhabitants and process it sustainably. As a partner you can count on, Vanheede Environment Group offers flexible solutions for the upstream, quality sorting at source of residual waste and, therefore, inexpensive waste management. We work together towards a sound and sustainable future!

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Vanheede Environment Group does much more than install and empty bins and dumpsters for more than 1,850 waste streams. Find out about all our activities in our company video.

            Online reports on myVanheede

Online reports on myVanheede

Thanks to a well-designed system of rights, the manager can run the entire waste management via a central portal. Do you need a report on all the companies? As manager of the waste project, you can easily ask for a synoptic report at any time. The compulsory waste register can also be kept up to date through this online tool which you can pull up in a second. You will always have the latest information at your fingertips. Handy, isn't it?

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