Waste management in industry

Vanheede Environment Group has created its Total Waste Care programme for major industrial firms. Through this programme we look after your waste, enabling you to focus fully on your main business. Of course we ensure all types of waste generated by your business are managed in a sustainable and profitable way.

Total Waste Care, the cream of the crop

Through the successful Green Loop model, we draw up a plan to sort your waste at source as far as possible and to recycle it in an optimal way. We make maximum use of the resources available to protect nature and the environment. This is how we came up with the Total Waste Care approach. This involves Vanheede Environment Group drawing up a collection and removal system. Naturally this is all carried out in close collaboration with your industrial firm. If necessary, we install a central recycling zone with our man-on-site.

Training and assistance

Coherent sorting as part of a waste management plan not only requires clear communication but also that colleagues are well briefed. Once again, Vanheede can partner you in this! We offer quick and effective staff training adapted to your waste management based on knowing exactly what is involved. Good sign-posting will do the rest.

Waste compactors: lower costs, better for the environment

We advise industrial companies generating a lot of waste to use waste compactors. These generally consist of a single block compactor that offers a capacity of up to five times that of a normal bin by crushing the waste. So in one parking space in a car park you can collect as much waste as you would in 100 wheelie bins. At the same time, you save on transport costs and CO2 emissions. A better deal and healthier!

The waste streams you are likely to generate

Choose from the waste streams listed below. We will show you at once which bins are suitable and what we will do with your waste.

Bins for your industrial waste

Our broad choice of services can always help you ensure the sustainable management of waste in your industrial firm. Always choose a bin to match your needs - or challenge us to do so!