Waste management in your care and nursing homes

Care and nursing homes produce a great deal of waste. In addition, we find a mix of all possible waste streams. There is residual waste, kitchen waste, paper and cardboard, PMD, packaging material and also small hazardous waste and medical waste. These all need to be separated and sorted. Vanheede Environment Group is more than capable of helping you out with this and can offer you a complete solution and your own contact person!

Safe and advantageous

Working with Vanheede Environment Group is safe and brings advantages. It is safe because small hazardous waste and medical waste is collected in hermetically-sealed places so that no-one is contaminated or injured. And it is advantageous because all the waste streams are sorted and recycled as much as possible. This means your institution will even be able to recoup costs. We also ensure that everything is clean in and around your care or nursing home.

The waste streams you are likely to generate

Choose from the waste streams listed below. We will show you at once which bins are suitable and what we will do with your waste.

Bins for care and nursing homes

Our broad choice of services can always help you ensure the sustainable management of your waste. Always choose a bin to match your needs - or challenge us to do so!