Managing your waste is our business

Experience teaches us that people often under-estimate the complexity of managing waste within a business. If you want to call in a waste management expert then with Vanheede Environment Group you have come to the right place. With our Total Waste Care programme we are happy to make your waste our business so that you can devote all your time to getting on with your main activity.

Total Waste Care

With the help of an in-depth waste audit, we will draw up a complete solution suited to your business. To be really effective, waste management needs to be adapted to your production processes and combined with efficient in-house logistics. And it must be able to count on the commitment of everyone at every level. Obviously part of this involves training your own colleagues. This shows them how to sort at source, reducing your volume of residual waste and, consequently, your overheads.

            Our man in your business

Our man in your business

Rolling out Total Waste Care in the workplace is always done in cooperation. Our primary objective is to achieve better and more efficient treatment of waste streams and an optimisation of the logistics flow. The personal supervision provided by our man-on-site or MOS, generates greater vigilance. After waste has been sorted for recycling, our MOS takes the collection bins to the central recycling centre. He manages the recycling centre, takes care of in-house logistics and is jointly responsible for order and cleanliness within your firm. A team of flying MOS ensures flexibility and continuity should your permanent MOS be absent. MOS may also be hired on short-term contracts should there be a shortage of full-time personnel. So you can always count on us!

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Total Waste Care is made-to-measure

Spending a little time talking about your global waste management could save you a lot of money. Fill in your details here and we will arrange an appointment.