Our own industrial fermentation plant converts organic products into methane, which is then converted into electricity via a gas engine. The plant at Quévy is fitted with an installed capacity of 2.45 MW, enabling Vanheede Biomass Solutions to supply electricity to some 5,000 families. The heat generated is recovered in-house. The digestate is upgraded as a soil supplement for agricultural use.

Food waste

Loose or in commercial packaging:

  • fruit and vegetables
  • cereal waste
  • bakery waste (bread, cakes and pastries etc.)
  • dairy products (milk, yoghurt, ice cream and cheese etc.)
  • alcoholic and soft drinks
  • ready made food (pizzas, lasagne, spaghetti and dishes etc.)
  • cold cuts
  • kitchen waste
  • animal feed
  • food additives
  • ...

Energy-rich biogas

Food waste is fermented in our biogas plant. This organic fermentation process produces biogas which is converted straight into green electricity. So less fossil fuel is needed and CO2 emissions are reduced.

            Energy-rich biogas


Digestate is the primary material left behind after fermentation. It is used as a soil supplement, rich in organic substances, in agriculture and horticulture.

Heat recovery

The conversion of biogas into green energy also produces a great deal of heat. Of course we put this to good use too. The calorific energy is used to heat our buildings and dry specific waste streams.

            Heat recovery

You will find the most sustainable treatment for your food waste with Vanheede Biomass Solutions!

Contact us straight away so that we can explore the recycling possibilities for your food waste.