Various chemicals

Bins for Various chemicals

Various chemicals

This waste is often created during treatment techniques such as mordanting and cleaning tanks and during the surface treatment of metals. When it comes to the various chemical products, we mainly think of acids and bases of a known, inorganic composition and a limited organic load. Waste that is corrosive, an irritant or harmful is accepted. Toxic waste is not. The waste may be in solid or liquid form. Often these are pure, out-of-date or surplus chemicals.

What happens with Various chemicals

Numerous different types of acids and bases are subjected to a physiochemical treatment. They are often contaminated with heavy metals and/or limited concentrations of organic material. This waste is neutralised, immobilised and oxidised. Often a combined treatment is required. This way we recover as much primary material as possible.

Acceptance conditions

Choose a type of waste to see what is or is not allowed.

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