Bins for Mattresses


Old mattresses, made from a great variety of materials. These mattresses are collected via points of sale, second-hand materials stores and picked up from recycling centres. Major consumers of mattresses such as hospitals, hotels and holiday centres, can also sort their waste so that it can be sent to the right place. We treat a wide variety of mattresses: polyether mattresses (mattress in synthetic foam or rubber foam), cold foam mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, spring mattresses, slow foam / Nasa / Visco mattresses, latex mattresses and box-springs, etc.

What happens with Mattresses

These days the mattresses are first broken down into little pieces. We then recover as much material such as metal as we can. Next, the residue is converted into alternative fuel. This is environmentally-friendly fuel, made to measure for major fossil fuel consumers such as the cement and lime industries. The ashes left over after incineration are used as a primary material in cement.

Acceptance conditions

Choose a type of waste to see what is or is not allowed.

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