Mixed business waste

Bins for Mixed business waste

Mixed business waste

Your residual waste container may only contain the waste that remains after the recyclable materials have been sorted out in accordance with legislation. The following waste should certainly not be included in residual waste: paper and cardboard, PMD, glass, food waste, plastics, EPS, hazardous waste, wood, green waste, …

What happens with Mixed business waste

Moving towards a circular economy and a better environment, it is important to separate your waste as much as possible at source. Separated waste has a better quality and can be better recycled. In this way, waste becomes a raw material again and it often saves energy. The waste that is not handed in separately is treated as residual waste. Sometimes materials are still extracted here, but most of them are incinerated in the incinerator :-(.

Acceptance conditions

Choose a type of waste to see what is or is not allowed.