A new pilot plant for treating plastic waste


This autumn, we will be opening a brand new factory at our Dottignies site.

A new life for wooden pallets


In 2022, Vanheede Environment Group was able to collect 614 tonnes of pallets from wood waste. These pallets are...



A house made from road side grass fibres. Sustainable, cheap energy generated from road side grass. More...

Co-processing, what's in a name


Vanheede tries to find appropriate processing methods for the largest number of waste streams possible. Ideally,...

Puyenbroeck provincial estate; PMC waste that is 95% pure


Given that it covers an area of 450 hectares, receives 450,000 visitors per year and offers numerous activities,...

Picanol has been carrying out Total Waste Care for 10 years

Total waste care

The Picanol Group began implementing a Total Waste Care system 10 years ago with the aim of rendering waste ...