Vanheede aims to take 4,000 trucks off the Antwerp ring road


Sustainability comes first in everything we do. This includes transportation by road, which is the source of most...

Picanol has been carrying out Total Waste Care for 10 years

Total waste care

The Picanol Group began implementing a Total Waste Care system 10 years ago with the aim of rendering waste ...

From waste removal to a Total Waste Care programme at Crop’s

Total waste care

Total Waste Care leads to an optimal waste logistic and a reduction in overall waste-related costs at Crop’s

OPTIMUM, the take-back system for textile flooring


Vanheede Carpet Recycling is the environmental partner for the OPTIMUM project. This take-back system for carpet...

The Green Loop model; after circular thinking, circular treating


The purpose of the Green Loo" model is to keep material in circulation for as long as possible and it offers...