A classic three-way for Q-team Vandekerckhove

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Q-team, the Belgian tyre specialists, has expanded its recycling to include PMD after sorting PMD waste at source was made compulsory for businesses. As well as domestic waste and paper and cardboard waste, sorting at source now covers PMD waste too.

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National player seeks national partner

A national player is often in search of a national partner to underpin its growth and to be able to ensure the same, recognised service everywhere. Q-team has found this support in Vanheede Environmental Logistics. The firm already had a contract for residual waste and for paper and cardboard in a dozen of its branches.

The introduction of VLAREMA legislation, including, among other measures, the compulsory recycling of PMD waste, was quickly followed by a request for ideas for an appropriate solution for this problem. The volume of PMD waste is not the same as the volume of residual waste or paper and cardboard. That is why it was decided on a 240-litre wheelie bin to be emptied every four weeks. This is an ideal solution because a wheelie bin does not take up much extra space and gets filled up nicely if it is emptied every four weeks. Another interesting aspect of this option is that it means we comply fully with the legislation.

And what about tyres?

As an intermediary and end seller, Q-team is responsible for its products when they reach the end of their useful life. This is the basic principle of legal take-back obigation. This involves everyone paying an environmental surcharge when they buy a new set of tyres. This surcharge pays for the collection and ecological processing of your old tyres by Recytyre. You can always take your old tyres to one of the Recytyre collection points, including all Q-team branches.

En wat met de banden?

Als tussenhandelaar en eindverkoper is Q-team verantwoordelijk voor zijn producten in hun afvalfase. Dit is het basisbeginsel van de wettelijke aanvaardingsplicht. Bij de aankoop van een nieuwe set banden betaalt iedereen een milieubijdrage. Hiermee wordt de inzameling en milieuvriendelijke verwerking van uw oude banden georganiseerd door Recytyre. Zo kunt u met uw oude banden steeds terecht bij één van de ophaalpunten van Recytyre, waaronder ook alle Q-team-filialen.