A customised approach for Fluvius

customer satisfaction

Vanheede’s commitment to sustainability, excellent service and high degree of recycling were a combination that inspired Fluvius to forge a lasting partnership.

Waste policies developed to meet specific needs

“Vanheede calculated new specifications in line with how our business is structured. We now have a clear overview of the number and weights of containers, as well as proposals for improvements. In turn, this has enabled us to substantially improve our reporting.”

Christophe De Winne, Supply chain – Teamleader for waste reception and management

myVanheede supports compliance with legal requirements

“For one thing, we use myVanheede to ensure we comply with our legal requirements. One of its major advantages is the more or less real-time availability of information. Thanks to this we no longer need to rely on spreadsheets, which were always a month out of date. Furthermore, we use myVanheede for reporting to file our annual environmental impact statement. Our company’s health and safety committee and our works council also make use of the internal reporting on annual waste volumes.”

Tom Roelandt, health and safety officer – environment service

Vanheede Plus

“Fluvius is participating in a pilot project for the Vanheede Plus app. The major advantage of the app is that it enables on- the-spot call-outs.”

Greet Arens, supply chain – reception and waste management operations

Een duurzaam partnerschap

“We are confident that we have gained a knowledgeable partner with regard to processing our waste. Moreover, Vanheede can think along with us and help us evolve along the right lines. For instance, one of our new aims is to eliminate one additional waste stream from our non-recycled waste each year.”

Christophe De Winne, Supply chain – Teamleader for waste reception and management