Mooimakers in Zaubeek. Small act, big result.

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Under this motto, the Zulte-Kruisem business association organised a joint litter campaign on October 3rd. Today, the retired man, Gaby, is already tackling the litter in the industrial zone. Every week, Gaby, together with his dog, travels through the industrial estate to collect litter. With his truck full of stickers, he is not only recognizable in the Zaubeek industrial zone, but also in many other municipalities. 

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Inspired by Gaby's work, Eline Demulder of company ABM thought: "Maybe we can give Gaby a hand?” This idea was enthusiastically received by the business association and so the litter campaign was launched. 36 volunteers spontaneously signed up for the first edition of the litter campaign in order to get the Zaubeek industrial zone clean again.

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Most of the litter can be found in the public areas of the industrial park. It is difficult to organise waste collection there. Thanks to this action, made possible by the support of Mooimakers Flanders, the verges and streets in the entire industrial zone have been cleaned up.

With a total of 16 bags, half of which are residual waste and half plastics, the zone is some 480 kg of waste poorer. Zaubeek wants to be known as a clean industrial zone and this action keeps it constantly moving. A continuation of this action is certainly not out of the question!

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"We really wanted to tackle the problem of litter. Rolling up your sleeves makes more sense than organizing demonstrations." Eline Demulder.