Our new sorting line boosts circularity

Rumbeke , Treatment , Sustainability

A new building has gone up at our Rumbeke site to house an automated sorting line (a Material Recovery Facility) which separates business waste into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. This means more recyclable material can be saved from the incinerator and instead contribute to the circular economy. Sorted recyclable material is stored in silos before being sent to raw material manufacturers.

A new building will also be built to centralise the various offices, meeting rooms, cafeterias and cloakrooms. A walkway will provide a safe connection between this block and the sorting lines. A larger car park is also planned for staff and visitors. A new traffic plan has been rolled out for the site; the loading and unloading area has been moved and a large parking area has been created for trucks enabling checks on vehicle entries and traffic regulation to be automated.

This is also good news for our neighbours as all sorting, loading and unloading activity is now carried out within the plant, thus reducing the noise, odour and dust nuisances making their way into the environment. Reorganising the truck parking zone has also reduced the amount of time the trucks are forced to wait on the public highway, and revising the traffic plan has improved traffic flow on the site, which has a positive impact on the immediate surroundings.