Our values in practice

Company values

Wendy Debels was looking for a job with plenty of opportunities for ongoing learning: she did not want to be bored. She found the position she was looking for with Vanheede. In 2018 Wendy joined our data management team, which monitors the quality of information in our AX database and provides support for AX users. Each team member has his or her own specialist area, and for Wendy that is tracking down bugs. Today, she still feels that she is growing and learning something new every day.


"I like to get to the very bottom of things, and at Vanheede I am able to do that. I feel like the Sherlock Holmes of AX. When someone calls in with a complex problem and I really have to work hard to solve it, that is an enjoyable day for me. I think of my work as a puzzle, and solving puzzles is so satisfying. In fact, if something is too easy to sort out, I am almost disappointed when I discover that I’ve already found the answer!”


“It is important for our drivers to avoid driving unnecessary kilometres. That can happen when a collection is cancelled or when a terminated contract fails to show up as such in the system because it has not been entered in AX. In these cases, the driver ends up making a needless trip to a customer’s premises. By preventing situations like this, we in the data management team are making an indirect contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions.”


“I know how it feels to be stuck with a problem and not be able to get the help I need. For this reason, I put extra energy into giving people feedback if we can’t solve something immediately, because I know that users sometimes feel they are left dangling. So I make an effort to explain the nature of a problem. This has always been a frustration for me too: I want to know why a problem came up, not just that it has been solved.”


“For a business to grow, it is important to invest in IT, since data and data management are increasingly important in the digital age. As Vanheede evolves, we can adapt according to the needs of the business. Vanheede has already made plenty of progress with regard to customised software for our sector. We save a lot of time that can then be invested in other projects.”


“When I think I have identified the source of a bug, I am often elated. And in the next release a few months later, when it is clear that the bug has been eliminated from the system, I’m happy again. That really gives me the feeling that what I do makes a difference.”