Best sorting results with the SlimBin

The sophisticated design of the SlimBin fits into any environment. In addition, the SlimBin gives you the best sorting results and avoids a lot of (expensive) residual waste.

Making sorting fun and doable? The SlimBin makes it possible.

SlimBin, more than just a bin!

All feedback and experience from the field was taken into account in the creation of SlimBin. Based on psychological research, important adaptations have been developed that really make a difference:

  • A fixed colour code, aligned with the general signage line for roll containers. 
  • Use of universal symbols.
  • Adapted insertion openings, with a bypass for larger PMD parts.
  • Fixed order, for PMD, paper and cardboard and residual waste. Residual waste is the last option

What are the benefits of the SlimBin?

  • Each type of waste is sorted separately.
  • Extremely durable and crack-resistant.
  • The lids conceal the waste.
  • Handles make the bins easy to lift or move.
  • Optional wheeled frames are available.
  • Warning stickers can be ordered free of charge at

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