A new life for wooden pallets

Grondstoffen , Recycling , Duurzaamheid

In 2022, Vanheede Environment Group was able to collect 614 tonnes of pallets from wood waste. These pallets are resold through our partners and, when necessary, first repaired to meet required standards. By recovering these pallets, we make substantial savings on primary materials and avoid CO2 emissions.

With the war in Ukraine causing a shortage of primary materials, reusing these products reduces our dependence. We are invested in reusing pallets and other streams more and more. Streams such as electronic waste and tyres.

“The main aim of a circular economy is to save on primary materials and to maintain products in their life cycle for as long as possible. This can be done by reusing and reconditioning products and recycling materials. Pallet recovery fits perfectly into this circular economy vision.” - Judith De Koninck, Material Recovery Specialist