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A house made from road side grass fibres. Sustainable, cheap energy generated from road side grass. More sustainable and cheaper road side management. Science fiction, a pipe dream or reality? 

Within the EU funded 2Seas GRASSIFICATION project, research institutes, land managers and industrial partners examine possibilities to create economically viable business cases for these and other applications. Over a period of 3 years, 23 partners from the UK, the Netherlands, France and Belgium will examine and valorise the complete value chain from roadside management to end product via a multi-dimensional approach. This research will initiate a new bio based circular economy based upon road side grass clippings.

Project duration: from 1/3/2018 till 28/2/2021 
Budget: 4,4 million € (2,5 million € EU funding)


  • University of Gent, Faculty Bio-Ingeneering (BE, projectleider)
  • Provincie West-Vlaanderen (BE)
  • Inagro (BE)
  • Pro Natura (BE)
  • Vanheede Landill Solutions NV (BE)
  • Innec CVBA (BE)
  • VITO (BE)
  • Kent Wildlife Trust (VK)
  • Delphy BV (NL)
  • Millvision (NL)
  • Avans University (NL)

Interested in the project and want to know more? Contact Tom De Vrieze at 065 56 04 01 or