The Green Loop model; after circular thinking, circular treating


The purpose of the Green Loop model is to keep material in circulation for as long as possible and it offers very many advantages for the environment and for your budget. This model is based on the best practices drawn from economic activity in its widest sense and from industry. We then add our knowledge of materials and are thus able to create loops that are firmly closed: “Green Loops”.

The Green Loop working method

Starting with an in-depth audit of your in-house waste problem, we will draw up a complete solution, tailored to your business. We will assess which are the best collection and treatment possibilities for your waste and we can roll out the Total Waste Care programme on the ground, working with your departments in all areas including bespoke awareness campaigns.

This all leads to a reduction in the amount of waste, maximum control over your waste management and optimum recycling designed to benefit the environment and your budget. The first change you will notice is that the work environment is cleaner and tidier and that your waste bills are carefully monitored.

  1. Identifying goals. Think big and set goals that cover the whole company. Do not look at each department separately. Motivation such as CSR, the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and legislation etc. are all good starting points.
  2. Carrying out an audit. Identify the materials released as well as their post-use destination.
  3. Drawing up a plan. Draw up a plan that aims to sort as much material as possible at source and set in motion optimum recycling. As part of this, make sure you do not forget in-house and external logistics.
  4. Rolling out. Work constructively with management, staff and suppliers etc. so as to ensure everyone is working on this together towards a common goal.
  5. Evaluating and feedback. Monitor the material streams coming into and leaving the business to judge how well your plan is working.
  6. Assessing and improving. The plan must be corrected and improved constantly. Audits and intermediary training will ensure the necessary optimisation.

You are not alone!

The Green Loop model leads to sustainable waste management and a long-term relationship of trust with the client. It offers a cornerstone for thinking and acting in a sustainable way. This model is applied to the Total Waste Care programme for companies and for events, through the interventions of out V-Fast team and in our recycling programmes.

The first step towards a Green Loop model?

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