Vanheede Environment Group has been named Best Managed Company

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Geluwe, 15th of May – Vanheede Environment Group has been recognised by an independent jury as a Best Managed Company 2020 for its clear strategy, extensive expertise, commitment, and financial performance. The Best Managed Companies programme supports resilient entrepreneurship and sustainable growth, qualities that are even more relevant in the midst of uncertainty, such as the COVID-19 crisis.

Waste processing company Vanheede has been building a circular world for 52 years. Now that sustainability is high on the societal agenda, the company is only becoming more relevant. "We help our customers to do sustainable business," mentions David Vanheede, CEO of Vanheede Environment Group. "In essence, this means achieving the best results for all stakeholders with minimal impact on the environment. Our customers can rely on us for the sustainable management of waste, materials, energy and the environment".

Vanheede also makes the necessary efforts in the field of sustainability. Since 2005, the company has obtained the quality standard ISO 9001, the environmental standard ISO 14001 and a VCA certificate (Safety Checklist for Contractors). In 2018, the company also obtained the silver EcoVadis label.


“Our resilience, organisational agility, and strong team have been recognised by an independent jury. Being awarded the Best Managed Companies label confirms that we are achieving the highest standards of business performance”, says David Vanheede.

"We draw up a sustainability report every year. In this report we look back, make plans for the future and determine how we want to realize those ambitions", says David Vanheede. "We regularly hold up a mirror to ourselves. This gives us new insights. That was an important motivation to participate in the Best Managed Companies trajectory".

“The structure of this trajectory was highly appreciated by the CEO. "Our strategy, expertise, commitment and financial results... It was all well analysed. At each step in the process, we went a little more in depth. There were joint sessions with the entire management and there were individual sessions. The results were discussed in groups. In this way we reached a progressive insight".

The soul of the company

"Our Best Managed Company coaches have uncovered some new areas of particular interest. Our strategy needs to permeate the organization better and our vision should become even more our guiding compass in everything we do", says David Vanheede.

For Vanheede, the Best Managed Companies label is much more than a statue in the trophy cabinet. "This is about the soul of our company. The Best Managed Companies programme is also an opportunity to get in touch with like-minded people. And honestly, we find peace in the knowledge that we are doing well", mentions David Vanheede.


The CEO wants to maintain that positive feeling, even during the corona crisis. "We may be an essential sector, but the volumes we process have fallen by 30 to 40 percent. As CEO, I feel a great responsibility to communicate clearly about this and to support our people. We want to get through this with all our employees. And I am convinced that we will succeed."